Quick Answer: Can The Apocalypse Beat Phoenix?

Can Superman beat Phoenix?

The Dark Phoenix could absolutely defeat Superman.

Superman is one of the mightiest heroes ever conceived: nigh-invulnerable, and about as strong and as fast as they come in the realm of superhero fiction.

He can survive a nuclear blast, and absorb as much punishment as any conventional supervillain can dish out..

What were Apocalypse’s last words?

Mister Sinister. Essex gets transformed into an immortal mutant by Apocalypse (so maybe we will see him again?), and decides to change his name. He chooses to be called “Mister Sinister” because it was one of his wife’s dying words to him: “To me, you are…

Who can beat apocalypse?

pretty much anyone who could take stryfe, hulk, or thor can take out apocalypse. main people are magneto (who beat him in two different universes) and anyone one sorcerer supreme level (to my knowledge, apocalypse doesn’t really have a magic defense).

Who is the oldest mutant?

Selene Gallio is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. … Selene first appeared in New Mutants #9 (November 1983), written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by Sal Buscema.Selene is the oldest known human mutant.More items…

Can Superman beat apocalypse?

1 Would Defeat: Superman Apocalypse would defeat him. … Superman, however, isn’t ready for Apocalypse’s telepathic abilities. Sure, Superman is fast, strong, and near-invulnerable, but his mind isn’t. Apocalypse could get into his head and make him see whatever he wanted.

Is a Phoenix a God?

Facts of the phoenix Egyptians considered it to be the spirit of the god Ra. … It then deposits the egg in the ancient Egyptian city known as Heliopolis or what the Greeks called “Sun City.” The return of the phoenix was considered to be a good omen and that being bathed in its sunlight was a blessing.

Is Phoenix more powerful than Captain Marvel?

Dark Phoenix beats Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and even in her heightened Binary form. … In the comics, dark PhoeNix wins, no contest. However, the movies have decided to portray captain marvel as substantially stronger than she was in the comics and that has recently overflowed into newer comics that feature her.

Can Goku beat Dark Phoenix?

1 Winner: Dark Phoenix Goku has faced many powerful foes over the years but the threat of the Dark Phoenix isn’t something he can punch into submissions. His attacks, while powerful, can’t stand up to the omnipotent might Dark Phoenix brings into play and what it can do to Goku he has no defense for.

What was Magneto doing in Apocalypse?

Apocalypse didn’t really augmented them. He simply made it so Magneto was able to expand his consciousness in a way he could feel through the magnetic field of the Earth, more things. That was why he then became capable of like Apocalypse said to topple entire nations to the ground.

Can the Phoenix Force be destroyed?

Immortality: The Phoenix Force is immortal and indestructible. It can’t die or be destroyed. After its “death” in Avengers vs. X-Men, it was said to be destroyed, but, as it has happened many times, the entity never truly died.

What can beat a Phoenix?


Can Apocalypse beat Jean GREY?

However, when the X-Men are unable to defeat Apocalypse – a mutant with limitless power and a near-invulnerable body – only Jean Grey (and the unchecked power of the Phoenix) can destroy the villain.

Is Phoenix stronger than Scarlet Witch?

So when it comes to the Phoenix-empowered Jean Grey, Jean ends up being infinitely more powerful than Scarlet Witch. Connecting to the Life Force was too much for Scarlet Witch. … Thus, Jean is still competent with her Phoenix abilities even when her mental stability is at its worse.

Is Dark Phoenix more powerful than Thanos?

The Phoenix Force is more powerful than Thanos . Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet, The Heart Of Universe or any other over-powered plot device would not stand any chance against the Phoenix Force. … The Phoenix Force is one of the oldest known cosmic entities, representing life that has not yet been born.

How did Jean kill apocalypse?

The main reason the X-Men were able to defeat Apocalypse was because Jean Grey used her inner power, known to fans as The Phoenix, to overwhelm the ancient mutant. The Phoenix was previously seen in X-Men: The Last Stand, though you won’t find many who agree it was adapted properly.

What is a Phoenix’s weakness?

Their only weakness is witchcraft and Adflicto or others’ strength, which can only hinder them for a few seconds until they are healed. They are described as beautiful creatures with flawless skin and striking red or gold, blonde hair and bold green eyes. The current living Phoenix is Jules Ashton.

Is the phoenix good or evil?

The Phoenix is neither good nor evil. Whether you see the Phoenix as a comsic entity from before our universe or the ultimate evolution of Jean Grey herself (I’ve heard it both ways), the history we know started with Jean. She was reborn as the Phoenix after sacrificing herself to save the X-Men, an act of love.

Why is apocalypse so powerful?

1 Power Absorption This is what makes Apocalypse overpowered. Throughout his long existence, this god-like mutant has absorbed the powers of hundreds of other mutants. He is able to recall these powers at will, using them to serve a variety of purposes.