Quick Answer: What Is A F In Drawing?

What is a F in nut?

Widely-used system of measuring nut sizes.

This is an alternative method to that of measuring the thread size of the bolt.

It is usually quoted as, for example, 7/8″ A/F..

What does typ mean in drawings?

engineering drawingsTYP. (engineering drawings) Abbreviation of typical: used to label a feature that is to be interpreted as exactly the same as nearby comparable features. Four equally spaced bolt holes on a bolt circle can be dimensioned at one hole with the notation (TYP) following it.

What does R mean on a blueprint?

full radiusUse of just the “R” with no associated size callout is generally intended to mean “full radius.” A word about Y14. 5M: Unless it’s called out on the drawing, or otherwise contractually agreed to, it has no standing.

Which side of a nut goes on first?

The metal thread goes on first. If you’re talking about a nut with a built in fluid seal, due to its design, a Seal Nut will need to go on with the rubber element on the inside.

What does NS and FS mean?

English term or phrase: NS & FS. Selected answer: NS: Near Side ..FS: Far Side.

What is typical in drawing?

in a construction drawing refers to “Typical”. TYPICAL or TYP indicates the number of places the geometry feature or dimension appears on a drawing. … The tolerance stated for a dimension labeled “TYPICAL” also applies to each identical feature.

What is the abbreviation F?

f. is an abbreviation for ‘following’. It is written after a page or line number to indicate that you are referring to both the page or line mentioned and the one after it. You use ff. … F or f is a written abbreviation for words beginning with f, such as ‘female’, ‘feminine’, ‘franc’, ‘ false’, and ‘Fahrenheit’.

What does a f mean in graphics?

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbolsAbbreviation or symbolDefinitionAFacross flatsAFFabove finished floorAISIAmerican Iron and Steel InstituteAl or ALaluminium144 more rows

Which side of nut goes down?

In my experience if you are not using pal nuts put the square side down . if you are using them put the beveled side down as the pal nut gets a better grip against a flat surface. On curved washers The beveled side goes down always.

How does a Nylock nut work?

A Nyloc (nylon insert) Nut is a torque prevailing nut which uses a plastic/nylon insert located towards the top of the nut, reducing its inner diameter, which then deforms over the mating thread. … The Nyloc nut is an economic locking nut and ideal in applications where vibration or motion could loosen or undo the nut.

What is the meaning of p * * * *?

mean in chat or text? :P. means a face with a sticking out tongue. If you tilt your head left it will look like 2 eyes and then a mouth with a tongue sticking out. People either use it as in a cheeky way or a flirty way or if they’re just being funny.

What does F mean in chat?

pay your respects in chatFrom what I understand, “F in chat” has its origins in this Call of Duty meme . So when someone says “F in chat”, it basically means “pay your respects in chat.”

What is the meaning of CRS in drawing?

CRS. cold rolled steel; on centres. Defines centre-to-centre distance of two features, such as two holes.

How do you screw a Nylock nut?

Slide the socket onto the nylon lock nut and turn the handle of the ratchet clockwise to turn the nylon lock nut onto the fastener. You will feel some resistance from the nylon lock nut as you turn it onto the fastener. This is created by the nylon insert and is completely normal.

What does F stand for in gaming?

Advanced WarfareBasically, to gamers, F means pay respects, and this action refers back to Advanced Warfare.

What does dp mean on engineering drawing?

DP: Damp-Proofing, Dew Point, or Distribution Panel. DWG: Drawing.

What are the 3 types of tolerances?

TOLERANCING – Tolerance Types Tolerancing. Tolerancing Standards. Tolerancing Types. Shaft-Hole Assembly. Inch Tolerances. • Exercise: Inch Tolerances. • Exercise: Types of Fit. … Metric Tolerances. • Exercise: Metric Tols. • Exercise: Metric Fit. … Selecting Tolerances. Tolerance Accumulation.More items…