What Are Group A Posts In India?

Which jobs comes under Group A?

List of Group A Services by UPSCIndian P & T Accounts & Finance Service.Indian Audit and Accounts Service.Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise)Indian Defence Accounts Service.Indian Revenue Service (I.T.) or IRS.Indian Ordnance Factories Service (Assistant Works Manager, Administration)More items….

Who are Group A employees?

Group A employees typically take up higher administrative positions in the government, with Group B workers acting as middle management and Group C employees providing assistance. The central government (excluding armed forces) had a vacancy of 18.5%, with 7.47 lakh vacant positions.

Is Si gazetted officer?

Also a circle inspector (also called as Inspector) or sub inspector (known as SI) is not gazetted in Police where as a their counterparts in Armed forces such as Master Warrant Officer or equivalent is gazetted. In police gazetted officers start from Dy. … Group A and Group B officers have been classified as Gazetted.

What is a job group?

Workforce Planning Job Groups are groups of job classes that are linked by a common purpose, skill set, or education or certification requirement. They allow us to more precisely identify the availability for that type of work. They also provide skill-related groups that can be used for workforce planning and study.

What are Group A and Group B posts?

Thus, posts carrying pay or scale of pay with a maximum of not less than 13500/- are categorised under Group `A’. Posts carrying a pay or scale of pay with a maximum of not less than Rs. 9000/- but less than 13500/- are known as Group `B’ posts. Civil posts with a maximum pay (or a scale of pay) over Rs.

What is group A and B in UPSC?

The Group A officers are appointed by the President of India and appointments to Group B are made by the authorities specified by a general or special order of the President.

What is Railway Group A?

Group A/Class I Recruitment to Indian Railways The highest grade you can be recruited into is the Group A (Gazetted Officers), selected into one of the 10 departments/functional branches of each of the railway zones. They comprise the non-technical, technical and medical, services.

Does all IAS officers become DM?

On an average, the DM posting is given to the IAS Officer for 4 to 5 years only in the whole career as an IAS Officer. Some IAS officers never get an opportunity to become a DM at their career. … A DM is only a coordinating officer for all the state government departments.

What are some examples of government jobs?

10 Most Popular Types of Government JobsSchool Counselor. School counselors advise students and help them understand and overcome behavioral or social problems through individual or group counseling. … Librarian. … Social Worker. … Special Education Teacher. … Police Officer. … Firefighter. … Athletic Director. … Correctional Officer.More items…

What is Group A post?

Group `A’ posts carry higher administrative and executive responsibilities and include senior management positions in the ministries/departments and field organisations. The middle and junior levels of Group `A’ alongwith Group `B’ constitute middle management.

What is Group B in Indian Railway?

highlights. Indian Railways will promote its ‘Group C’ employees to the category of ‘Group B’ officers. Group B Officers fall in the Rs. 4800 Grade Pay. They have access to special Railway passes, officer clubs, bungalows of class-forest officers, servants, vehicles etc.

Who is the father of UPSC?

Charles CornwallisHence, Charles Cornwallis is known as ‘the Father of civil service in India’. Cornwallis introduced two divisions of the Indian Civil service—covenanted and uncovenanted.

What are Group A services in India?

GROUP ‘A’ SERVICESThe Indian Foreign Service (IFS)The Indian Railway Service.Indian Postal Service.Accounts and Auditing Services (including The Indian Audit and Accounts Service, The Indian Civil Accounts Service, The Indian.Defence Accounts Service, The Indian Revenue Service.)Indian Customs and Central Excise.More items…

Who are Group A and B officers?

The Central Government of India or any State Government classifies public employees into Group A (Gazetted/Executive), Group B (Gazetted), Group B (Non-Gazetted), Group C and Group D. Earlier classification was Class I (Gazetted), II (Gazetted), II (Non-Gazetted), III and IV.

What is group ABCD?

The Indian central government or the Indian State government segregates the public employees into various group rankings and further, these groups are divided into various levels. Group – D and C : 7th CPC Pay Levels 1 – 5. Group – B : 7th CPC Pay Level 6-9 (Non-Gazetted) Group – A : 7th CPC Pay Level 10 – 12 (Gazetted …