What Is A Captain’S Right Hand Man Called?

Who is under the captain on a ship?

Traditionally, “commodore” is the title for any officer assigned to command more than one ship at a time, much as “captain” is the traditional title for the commanding officer of a single ship.

Commander is a senior officer rank, above lieutenant commander, and below captain..

What are the positions on a pirate ship?

The Captain.Quartermaster.First Mate.Boatswain.Cabin Boy.Carpenter.Gunner.Master.More items…

What’s a female pirate called?

18th-century piratesNameLifeYears ActiveAnne Bonny born Anne Cormac, aliases Ann Bonn and Ann Fulford, possibly also Sarah Bonny1698-17821719-1720Mary Read, alias Mark Readc.1690-17211718-1720Mary Farley, alias Mary /Martha Farlee / Harley / Harvey1725-1726Mary Crickett (or Critchett / Crichett)17286 more rows

How many members are in a pirate crew?

Small, fast, shallow draught. An average schooner would only hold about 40 men in average circumstances, but pirates flooded their ships with as many men as they could in anticipation of short voyages and boarding actions.

What is the hierarchy on a ship?

According to the vessel’s hierarchy, the deck officers are as follows: Master, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer and Deck Cadet (deck officer to be). The supreme authority on board a merchant vessel is the Master. The entire crew is under his command.

What is a gunner on a ship?

The gunner was a standing officer and one of the first duties once a ship was put into commission was to order the correct calibre of guns for the rate of the ship, also to examine the condition of the magazine, to ensure it was dry in order not to spoil any delivery of powder.

How do you say hello in pirate?

Ahoy – A pirate greeting, or a shout to attract an attention. Something like “Hello!” or “Yo!”.

Why do pirates say Shiver me timbers?

“Shiver me timbers” (or “shiver my timbers” in Standard English) is an exclamation in the form of a mock oath usually attributed to the speech of pirates in works of fiction. … Such an exclamation was meant to convey a feeling of fear and awe, similar to, “Well, blow me down!”, or, “May God strike me alive and well”.

What is a first mate pirate?

On most ships, the First Mate is the officer who ranks just below the Captain of the ship and takes over in the event that the Captain can no longer perform his duties. … The first mate on a pirate ship is the man the pirate picks as his second in command.

Can a merchant navy officer take his wife on ship?

A merchant Navy Officer can keep his wife along with him provided the company approves, the Captain approves, the trade which the ship is in allows it as some countries need some documents like CDC to be carried by the wife or visas.

Who is the most famous female pirate?

5 Notorious Female PiratesCheng I Sao. One of history’s most influential raiders began her career in a Chinese brothel. … Anne Bonny. Credit: The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images. … Mary Read. Credit: Culture Club/Getty Images. … Grace O’Malley. Clew Bay, where O’Malley was based. ( … Rachel Wall. Boston Harbor (Credit: Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

What is the highest rank on a ship?

Naval rank systems derived from British usage use the rank “captain” exclusively for the highest rank of ship’s captain (i.e. of the largest class of ship) and use the rank “lieutenant” exclusively for the highest rank of ship’s lieutenant (i.e. of the largest class of ship).

Is Admiral higher than Captain?

In the navy, admiral is one of the highest ranks. The military is full of rankings, such as captain, private, major, and corporal. Another is admiral, a ranking specific to the navy. While a captain is in charge of one ship, an admiral leads more than one ship: a bunch of ships, which are called a fleet.

What is a captain’s wife called?

Freeman” or, more informally, “Lori” (and now as I am a retired colonel, she still is). Our children, just called her (depending upon their ages at the time) “Mama,” or “Mommy,” or “Mom.” (Sometimes, formally, or when they were exasperated about something, “Mother.”)

What is the cook on a pirate ship called?

Hunters in the Caribbean cooked and cured meat using this technique and would then sell their smoked meat to pirate ship captain’s when they would dock to replenish their supplies. Over time, these hunters and cooks became known as boucaniers which translated to “barbecuers” because of how they cooked their food.

What is the lowest position on a ship?

Ordinary seaman The lowest ranking personnel in the deck department. An ordinary seaman (OS) generally helps out with work that able seamen do.

What is the rank of an aircraft carrier commander?

CaptainB. The Commanding Officer of an aircraft carrier must satisfy two requirements: He must be an unrestricted line officer (which enables him to command at sea) and he must be a naval aviator. He is always the rank of Captain (O-6).

What is the driver of a ferry called?

HelmsmanThe boat driver is referred as the Helmsman.