What Is Elm Agent On My Samsung Phone?

What is Elm agent on my Android phone?

Elm Agent information.

— Elm Agent is an application that collects and sends data to the ELM (Emulated…

How do I remove ELM agent from my phone.

— The ELM Agent installs into your phone and it can be deleted only after it’s…

ELM Agent removal guide for Android OS..

What is agent on my phone?

Agent is an app that aims to make your Android smartphone just a little bit smarter, using all of your phone’s sensors to detect what you’re up to and tweak your settings automatically. Driving? It’ll automatically respond to texts to let people know you’re busy, and remember where you parked your car.

What is Elm agent?

The Elm Agent is referred to as Bloatware. This describes all the Software and Apps, are already preinstalled on the Smartphone. The Elm Agent is most often used for business-related services, such as, for example, the file exchange in the business network.

What Is a Silent Logger?

Silent Logger can intensively monitor what is going on with your children’s daily internet activities. It is a powerful tool to know what your children talk about on their social networking and Instant Messaging accounts and to check their web searches.

How can I find a hidden spyware on my Android?

How To Find Hidden Spyware On Android SmartphonesStep 1: Go to your Android smartphone settings.Step 2: Click on “Apps” or “Applications”.Step 3: Click the three vertical dots on the top right (may be different depending on your Android phone).Step 4: Click “show system apps” to view all of your smartphone’s applications.More items…

What is market feedback agent?

It’s a Google app that allows other apps to call it and ask you to provide market feedback, you can safely kill or remove it.

How do I get rid of hidden apps?

Delete apps that you installedOpen the Google Play Store app .Tap Menu. My apps & games.Tap on the app or game.Tap Uninstall.

What is configure APK?

Config APK is an executable used by Android machine manufacturers to perform the initial setup of the device and is used for installing and uninstalling or various apps.

Which Android apps are dangerous?

9 Dangerous Android Apps It’s Better to Delete Immediately№ 1. Weather apps. … № 2. Social media. … № 3. Optimizers. … № 4. Built-in browsers. … № 5. Antivirus programs from unknown developers. … № 6. Browsers with additional features. … № 7. Apps for increasing the amount of RAM. … № 8. Lie detectors.More items…

Which Android apps can I delete?

for privacy and safety reasons as well as to conserve your mobile data and battery life you should delete any apps that user devices location navigation apps like Google Maps gaming apps like Pokemon go and even some social media apps like Instagram and snapchat maybe using your location if you want to keep one of …

How do I uninstall Elm agent?

To disable it, simply go to Application’s list > Settings > Security > Device Administrators. Disable the application by tapping on it then go to Settings > Applications manager > All > ELM Agent. Tap on it, Force stop and then Uninstall.

What is Dsms Samsung?

A data stream management system (DSMS) is a computer software system to manage continuous data streams. … A DSMS also offers a flexible query processing so that the information needed can be expressed using queries.

What is Pagebuddynotisvc on my Android phone?

Pagebuddynotisvc is a service found on Samsung smartphones. A pagebuddynotisvc is Samsung’s headphone icon. When the headphones are plugged into the phone, the buttons which are displayed in the notification area are caused by that. … Finally, select pagebuddynotisvc to disable it and restart your smartphone.

Whats is seccom?

sec. Android. daemonapp is the package name Unified Daemon which is one of the Samsung’s Android mobile’s system app. It is an application for Weather, Stock, and News app. It shows the total data usage from Accuweather.com , Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo News.